Simply Unique

"Simply Unique" is reflected in our company name, "Fuji," which consists of the kanji characters for "not" and "two."
We debuted this motto on October 9, 2010 in commemoration of our 60th anniversary.
FUJI OIL operates its business in a spirit of innovation, never imitation, while we work closely with our customers to develop
products that utilize our oils and fats, ingredients for confectionary and bakery, and soy protein products.
Our "simply unique" technologies, experiences and ideas lead to "simply unique" products and recommendations,
which bring satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers.

Aspiring to be a one-of-a-kind company is rooted in our foundation and in our motto "simply unique."
FUJI OIL takes pride in the technologies and products that we have developed since our founding 60 years ago.
With this spirit still strong today, we are determined to continue to better serve our customers with our one-of-a-kind products.
The words "simply unique" symbolize that determination.
At Fuji Oil, that is what each and every employee aspires to and is our pledge to society.