Webinar | Taste the world from home

Taste the world
from home

Live Demonstration by our amazing chefs!!

Even as travelling the world may be on pause now, that won’t stop you from exploring the taste of the world. While Fuji Oil Asia, a world leader in innovative technologies and materials of food products, offers a webinar introducing world’s dishes, let’s daydream a little bit about your next travel.

Date: 24th September 2020

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Singapore time (1 hour)

Target Audience:
Owners and chefs of bakeries, restaurants and cafes
* Kindly note that participation by other companies in the same industry (competitors) may be refused.

Event Information:
In Fuji Oil Asia’s very first Webinar, our incredible chefs will demonstrate their valuable skills and helpful tips while introducing pastries and breads from around the world – this time from Europe.
The Applications we would like to demonstrate will be traditional European pastries and breads with our unique customization.
Get ready for the trip to Europe escorted by the selected chefs from Fuji Oil Asia!!

Honey Bee
From Ukraine
Orange Chocolate
From Netherlands
Pear Tart With
Crispy Pie
From Switzerland


Hosted by Hirohisa Fukuda
Hirohisa Fukuda is currently the Manager of Asia R&D Centre Application Development Department. Hirohisa holds a Master Degree on Bioinformatic Engineering from Osaka University. Having a wealth of knowledge on science, he has been supporting and adding values to various bakery business ever since he joined Fuji Oil Japan in 2007.
Chef Ho Ser Hua
Known for his innovative and passionate style of his cuisines, Ho has been working as chef for 30 years, including several years in 5-star hotels in Singapore. Ho is always excited about creating new ideas and loves to be part of someone’s dining experience.
Chef Ivan Liew
Ivan Liew is an award-winning chef known for his creative and delicate confectioneries. He has experiences in 5-star hotels and restaurants in Singapore for more than 19 years. Ivan’s passionate enthusiasm for the confectionery is overwhelming and loves to share those with you.
Chef Tan Wei Hau
Tan is the one of our most exceptionally gifted bakers in Fuji Oil Asia. After finishing course at SHATEC in Singapore, Tan spent time in 5-satr hotels and bakeries, and have experience as a chef for more than 16years. Tan loves to share his knowledge and always inspiring our customers, leading them to create endless baked products.
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